How To Make An Indoor Swing

How To Make An Indoor Swing

I’m not joking when I say my kids swing for an hour, sometimes more every single day on our indoor swings. I love that we have two because they don’t fight over them, and they usually come up with games to play together on them.

I dreamed them up was because I knew I needed more seating for the living room, but I didn’t want to block our mountain view! I had seen a few indoor swings floating around Pinterest, but none that met my aesthetic. It really is all in the rope and fray. On Christmas eve Todd and my dad whipped out these swings in less than an hour. They are my favorite and everyones favorite (especially the internets favorite) part about my home. A very do-able DIY. Enjoy!

Heres what you need in supplies:

Depending on your ceiling height is the rope requirement- I would buy 50 feet per 9 foot ceiling.

Twisted Cotton Rope 3/4” Buy on AMAZON HERE - OR if you have a Joan Fabric near you they sell similar rope. Make sure you use a 50% off coupon or its way more expensive than online.

4 Screw Eye Hooks with ring (or different hardware, whatever works the best with your individual ceiling and weight limit).

2 X 10 Board or 2 X 12 depending on your preference


Chop or skill saw

7/8 drill bit and drill

Utility Knife

Stud Finder (helpful)


1. Measure out the length you want your swings, (ours are 23 inches in length) and then cut the boards

2: Drill 4, 7/8 inch holes- 1.5 inches from each corner

3. Sand the board to avoid slivers

4. Measure and cut rope (tape the frayed edges for easier handling)

5. Find the studs in your ceiling

6. Drill a pilot for the hook eye and ring

7. Feed up rope, loop them together to create a smiley faced knot at the top (maybe see the video for this part).

8. Measure how high you want your swings to sit (ours are between 16”-20”) we started at 20” and then with time and use they lowered.

9. Feed rope through the swing

10. Tie knots at the bottom of the swing and then fray edges of the rope

11. Gather the strands of rope from the side, using a pieces of leftover frayed rope, loop and braid the handheld pieces together, tie a knot and leave some fray for visual effect.


You now know how to make an indoor swing. I hope your kids love them as much as we do! If you aren’t the DIY type and want to purchase the indoor swings- my brother makes these for sell!

Simply Suzy Swings BUY

Please make these using all safety precautions. I do not guarantee their safety or your kids safety ;) LOVE YOU ALL!

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