Mcgee and Co Merry + Bright Doormat Hack

Mcgee and Co Merry + Bright Doormat Hack

Alana here! Lately I have been living the dream of newborn snuggles and lots of downtime nursing my baby.  Do you know what comes with nursing a newborn babe? A lot of browsing Instagram and going on long journeys through profiles and online shopping in the dark and quiet moments of the night. This is troubling because I keep ordering stuff when there is no one there to say no, and I seem to only be able to click ‘purchase’. My entrance has been seeing a lot of friendly packages that I only slightly remember buying.  Sometimes these journey’s leave me feeling inspired, and I think that this will be the year I really invest in our Christmas décor and my house will finally look like one from a magazine. And then I start to follow links and putting things in carts and it all starts adding up. Usually with decor I leave it in the cart to excitedly show my husband in the morning and then with daylight and my brain back in working order, I realize that there is no way I can afford that $500 shopping cart for ornaments and napkin holders and my excitement fades.

We need to pay for Christmas presents and we don’t even use napkins. I am not saying that i never buy anything, or splurge, but I do have a deep-rooted DIY spirit and if I see something that I think I can re-create, I sure will.

When Suzy and I talked about a doormat we both loved on Mcgee and Co, but lamented over the $88 price tag, we knew that we could re-create our own. So, follow along to make your own copycat doormat hat we have been seeing all over the internet. We were able to make for under $20 (less than $10 if you have an old mat hanging around). Now my delivery men have a MERRY + BRIGHT doormat when they drop off all those packages I keep ordering and I kept a few dollar dollar bills in my pocket.

Mcgee and Co Rug DIY


Outdoor Craft Paint (in whatever colors you are using, we used black and red) Emphasis on Outdoor. We got ours at Michaels.



X-acto knife

Coir doormat (more information on that below)

Downloaded template

Painters tape

Foam brush or sponge


Extra cardboard to cut out the letters on (or a cutting mat if you have one)

Mcgee and Co christmas doormat diy

Hot glue and glue gun (optional)

Where to find a doormat? This type of doormat is called a COIR doormat, who knew?  And they sell them everywhere. To get the same approximate spacing as ours, you need one that is about 24 X 36 inches (this one from Ikea is a great deal at $10 or they have this one at World Market), but you can do it on a smaller one, and the letters will just be bigger ( Walmart has them, Targetand Ikeaall have them in a smaller size). They are literally everywhere.

1.     Print the template on card stock.  

2.    Tape the printed template together so it is all in one line. I used a ruler to line up the bottom of the letters of MERRY with the bottom of the letters of BRIGHT and then taped the + in the middle.  

3.    Using the x-acto knife, carefully cut out the letters. Make sure that you don’t lose the middle parts of the R’s and the B, you will need those later. Tip: I use a metal ruler to help me keep the straight edges perfect.


4.    Tape the template with the letters cut out onto your doormat.  You can eyeball where the middle is, or measure it out.

5.    Place the inside pieces of your R’s and B.  We opted to use the smallest amount of hot glue to do this to make sure that they wouldn’t move when painted on, but make sure you use a small amount so that you can take it off afterwards. Or you could use push pins!

Mcgee- and-co-doormat-copycpat

6.    Tape your straight lines on the top and bottom of your doormat.  We used 1 ½ inch painters tape and taped one strip of it right against the edge of the mat, and then left a 1 inch gap, and did another strip of tape.


7.    Start painting. Using your foam brush or sponge, dip it into the paint and being sure that you are going straight up and down, dab the paint liberally onto your letters and lines.  We did black letters and red lines.

8.    Let it dry, it won’t take long, maybe an hour or so.

9.    Remove all the tape and template.

Wahlah! Enjoy!



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