5 Kitchen Hacks That Simplify My Life

5 Kitchen Hacks That Simplify My Life



We spend 90% of daylight hours in our kitchen/living room. Which is why I can’t wait to expand it a foot or two (or two hundred) someday. Anything I can do to make this place we live more functional for us, I will do it! And before anyone asks, the cabinet color is Salamander by Benjamin Moore and I love it! It changes from blue to green depending on the light hitting it at different times of the day. And because, as I said I spend my enttttirrre life in this room I love the variety. Here are my time-saving hacks that work for us, a newly minted family of six. Gulp. SIX!

1.The hair/homework drawer. The top drawer contains all the bows/hairspray/combs/goop I need to do the kids hair. I do it during breakfast while they are sitting still… still (ish). And I put the homework binder in there too to make sure I don’t forget to send it back with them. We have to be out the door by 7:30 a.m (brutal, I know) so every second in the morning counts and I do not have time to move these procedures to the bathroom!

2. A milllllion white rags. I go through 1-50,000 of them per day and at the end of the week I throw them all in the washer and the kids look forward to helping me fold them while we watch a show. I used to be a big paper towel user, but I am trying to be better for the planet and to teach my kids to do the same. Just don’t ask me to use the rag twice in one day. Hence why I have a million.


3. A salt pinch bowl within reach. I don’t ever actually measure the salt I just grab a pinch and am good to go. Plus, it’s pretty on the shelf which is obviously a big win.  

4. Paper product drawer. For the times I just can’t emotionally handle dishes, like Wednesdays when we get home from dance at 6:50 for dinner and bedtime is at 7:00. This drawer is a lifesaver and I don’t feel guilty about it on the rare occasion I give myself a break from dishes.

5. When I do the dishes (all the dishes, all the piles, and piles of dishes) I use Cascade pure essentials. It cleans so well the kids don’t have to pre-rinse their plates and it still leaves our dishes sparkling clean. . Plus, it uses 1/3 biobased ingredients and other thoughtful ingredients like essential oils for a clean that we feel good about since our babies eat off those dishes… or off the floor/counter/straight out of containers, because hey-- there are four of them now! ;) #Cascade #Pureessentials

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