I am admittedly one of those crazy people who counts wrapping Christmas presents as one of their favorite Christmas activities.   It’s right there between baking gingerbread and going ice skating. Some of my favorite memories at Christmas are of my sisters, and I locked away in some room wrapping up Christmas.  When Suzy asked me to help her wrap boxes for her Christmas set up at the studio, I was giddy. Seriously, I was so excited for a night wrapping presents and making them pretty with ribbons and bows while chatting with my girlfriends. I’m thinking that we should make our wrapping party an annual thing. The thing about wrapping presents and making them look pretty, is that it really doesn’t have to be hard or expensive.

christmas presents

I really love is that even a small gift can feel special when care has been taken in wrapping it and adding a little something. Over the years I have made a note of some of my favorite ways to dress up gifts and finally compiled them all here in a list to hopefully inspire you to dress up your gifts this Christmas.

Christmas presents with string

1. Put a bow on it.  Buy some of the classic ribbon bows at the store and stick them on.  Easy you are done.

classic red bow on present

2.Tie a bow on it.   Use any ribbon and tie a bow on it like you would tie your shoes.  After tying it, you can play around with the bow and ends to make it look perfect. I love to buy ribbon at Home Goods, and they always have lots of options that you don’t find anywhere else.  Target dollar spot always has good twine options, and of course, Hobby Lobby and other craft stores always have lots to choose from.

Red bow on white present

3. Use some washi tape. Apparently, I am a huge advocate of washi tape, mostly because it is inexpensive and quick to use.  The dollar store, Target dollar spot and IKEA have been where I have gotten festive washi tape.

washi tape tree

4. Tie it up with strings. Wrap twine or ribbon around it as many times as you would like, and then tie a bow.

Present tied with string

5. Combine your strings and tie a bow.  Use twine, yarn and ribbon combined and then tie a bow.

Present with bows

6. Tie something on.  Tie on a candy cane, an ornament, a piece of fresh cedar garland, a bottle brush tree or a pinecone.  One year my MIL wrapped all the grandkids gifts and tied on an ornament with each of the kid's initials on it - it was brilliant.  I literally go through my Christmas boxes and decorations and see what I can scavenge to add to a present.

Ornament tied on present

So get creative and do any or all of these things when wrapping presents this year.  A few more ideas of things you can do that aren’t featured here: make your own wrapping paper (use/create a stamp or paint a picture or hand letter your favorite lyrics on plain colored paper), attach a bag of goodies or baked goods, tape on a small picture (think Instax or Polaroid), or tie a pretty ribbon on an unwrapped gift.

Christmas tree of presents
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