Helloooo we're live!

Helloooo we're live!

The blog is alive! I've only been talking about this for the last fourteen hundred years. And finally freaking made it happen! I'll be sharing a mix of lifestyle posts - everything from style to home renovations to parenting, communication, business.. any and all the things. This will also be a home for my Podcast notes! 

I thought it'd be fun to kick off the super official blog with ten things you may not know about me. 


1. I first drove a tractor when I was 12, helping my brothers “move pipe” on my parents land.

2. One of my biggest dreams is a lakeside cabin in Island Park, Idaho.

3. I’m a Registered Nurse, but we joke that I’m “retired.” Todd and I try to go on dental/medical missions as often as we can. The last one was to Kenya, Africa.

4. I have seven siblings, they shaped my personality. We speak in sarcasm which frequently gets me into trouble when I realize this isn't a normal way to communicate with most adults. 

5. We have a bear proof garbage can, which I feel like makes us pretty legit mountain dwellers.

6. I’m obsessed with home design. 70% of the people I follow on Instagram are interior design focused.

7. One of my ex-boyfriends almost delivered Jack, my second baby. Emphasis on almost… I waved him out of the room reallll quick. After an awkward bra-less, legs up in the stirrups hug.

8. I’m pregnant with my fourth baby!

9. I’m obsessed with learning new things and always have a podcast on.

10. I was a teen bride- married my hunk of burning love at the ripe old age of 19. My husband had less than $300 to his name.

What do you want to see on Simply Suzys? What do you want me to talk about on the Podcast? Help this sister outttt!  Leave a comment below! Love you! 

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